Tianjin International Engineering Institute sets 3 professions: Electronics, Computer Science and Building. Students who are exempt from graduate school examination can apply for TIEI and after rigorous qualification inspections and the interviewing process, outstanding students will be given their qualifications of being admitted into TIEI. The Institute's length of schooling is 3 years, which is mainly the cultivation of graduate students who will be engineers. Cultivating pattern is full-time, combining curriculum learning and major-related practices. When the curriculum is fulfilled, an eligible student will get diplomas of both master's degree of Tianjin University and master's degree of corresponding profession.

The lectures include basic theory of signals, circuits and systems, the theory of continuous time filter design. Taking Butterworth filter design as an example, the students learn the design methods for Butterworth passive and active filter design. The designed circuits are simulated by SPICE program. For digital filter design, the students must know how to design FIR and IIR filters. The designed filters are used to remove the noise of the polluted signals, the spectrum and performance are compared before and after filtering..